I have the pleasure to inform you that Zooky.ca went live on April 30, 2019. The phase one release testing and QA process has been fully completed and we are extremely proud to present our Canada-wide neighbourhood property search portal – Zooky.ca. This is a truly exciting time for us all at Kazooky Media Inc, knowing the market dynamic and alternatives, we are confident we have an extremely competitive real estate search platform in this first phase feature release.

We are serious about property conveyancing and have created a highly engaging property search platform dedicated to real estate agents. With the aim to help them maintain their competitive advantage in an ever changing digital landscape.

Zooky Home Page

We are now fully CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) compliant and have been given full 3rd party accreditation, making Zooky.ca an industry approved solution.

Getting our solution noticed – YOU can play your part

The following link will take you to our marketing landing page, focused on onboarding over 40,000 real estate agents from our contact list. However there are over 100,000 real estate agents in Canada which we will also be approaching as we connect with the wider local real estate boards. Here is what you can do to promote Zooky.ca further. Copy and share this link to all real estate agents you know, spread the word about the unique digital real estate marketing platform, Zooky.ca.


Zooky Results Page

Zooky.ca gets its first, of what will be many, industry press coverage

Zooky.ca was mentioned within a respected real estate media outlet, it is a very positive start. Here is the article, which you can also share – Realty Biz News – Zooky.ca

New investment round opens up

Kazooky media Inc have been very savvy, protecting our investors, when opening up new investment rounds. By offering a premium to each new round as our solution becomes technically more robust, real and closer to being market ready, existing investors are assured of maximum value. Applying this ethos we will be opening up a new investor round. Our last round closed attracting three strong investors who not only believe in the investment opportunity but are also offering to provide their specialist skills during our expansion phases. Beier Cai is a world renowned and highly respected technologist who developed the HootSuite social media platform. Michael Barnes comes with strong sales and marketing skills, specific to real estate and property management, is a driven individual with a strong results focus. Jensen Lee is an experienced and successful ecommerce entrepreneur, growing his bidetsplus.com website into a market leader in its field. I am sure you will agree these are strong additions to our seed investors and advisory board. They will all contribute a positive influence as we broaden our financial and commercial strategy.

We anticipate this next round will be the last round ahead of more institutional options that will blend with our ICO plans. This will ensure that we present Zooky.ca to the wider communities within a growth phase and strong market adoptions. We remain focused on local BC investors as this will ultimately compliment our exit strategy in the future. To this end I would like you to share our story, the above links and an introductory message for interested investors to get in touch or, if appropriate, provide me with their contact details. The new investment funds will be used to add the phase two features, which will continue to build out our solution and create a significant separation from other real estate products on the market. The funds will help accelerate growth and generate a higher, more accelerated adoption environment for Zooky.ca.

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