Kazooky Update: Zooky Integrates REBGV

Kazooky Media Background

Zooky.ca awarded Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) 3rd party developer status

Kazooky Media Inc has added an additional property listing data feed from the REBGV. By adding this listing data to the existing Zooky.ca national property listings currently offered, we have established 100% property listing coverage in Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Chilliwack. 

Zooky.ca joins a unique and exclusive club, offering both CREA and the REBGV data feed within a single neighbourhood search environment. In addition to the data feed, Zooky.ca also becomes a 3rd party developer, entrenching its position in the Canadian real estate community.

Commenting on the additional development news, Chaz Green, COO explained. “The need to provide secure, stable and complete listing data ensures Zooky.ca has seamless access to all property listings in a relevant area. Add to that our 3rd party developer status, which we also have with CREA, clearly shows the technical depth and strength within the technical team at Kazooky Media Inc.” 

We are in the final stages of launching our real estate agent onboarding process which kicks off the marketing and commercial growth phase of the Zooky.ca platform.  

Zooky.ca will be adding some important and market driven features for real estate agents. This will accelerate real estate agent engagement with Zooky.ca – look out for updates in the near future.

Kazooky Media Inc starts receiving new investment interest

Kazooky media Inc have been very savvy, protecting our existing investors with each subsequent investment round. By applying a premium to each new investor round as our solution becomes technically more robust and closer to being market ready, all existing investors are assured of maximum ROI value. 

We anticipate this next round will be the last round ahead of more institutional options that will blend with our ICO plans. This ensures that we present Zooky.ca to the wider investor community during a growth phase which will attract strong market interest. We remain focused on local BC investors as this will ultimately compliment our exit strategy in the future. To this end I would like you to share our story, the above links and introduce interested investors to get in touch or, if appropriate, provide me with their contact details. 

The new investment funds will be used to add the phase two features, which will continue to build our solution and continue to create separation from the static offerings that currently exist. The funds will help accelerate growth and generate a high market adoption environment for Zooky.ca. 

Zooky.ca is now taking its’ first commercial strides in becoming the leading neighbourhood search portal and property investment platform in the Canadian marketplace.